EHS Specialist


Specialist, EHS - Phenix City Plant
Plant General Manager

Assist with the planning, implementation, coordination, and administration of all plant safety, health, and environmental programs, projects, activities, loss prevention, and/or other duties assigned to the Plant General Manager (PGM).
SAFETY - Assist with the development, implementation, and evaluation of safety policies and procedures. Coordinates activities of the safety committee, conducts safety inspections, and provides technical guidance to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations concerning safety. Maintains current OSHA logs and records of accidents. Provides recommendations and solutions to problems to remediate unsafe work practices and conditions. Assist with accident investigations, compile findings, and summarize information to determine cause, and provide recommendations necessary for the prevention of further accidents. Track the 52-week Safety Program, and report progress status to the PGM.
HEALTH - Assist with the implementation and coordination of the medical programs and protocol with the company corporate director to include medical monitoring programs, records management, DOT drug compliance testing and random & mandatory drug testing programs. Assure adequate medical services are accessible for first aid, and coordinate emergency medical services when necessary. Assist with the coordination of medical treatment programs and work duties for injured employees. Assist with the coordination of worker's compensation records, insurance, and state agency notifications, billings, regulatory notifications, and provide information for counsel during litigation.
ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE - Assist with the monitoring and compliance achievement for regulatory permits and statues, Annual and Semi-Annual Certifications of Compliance for submittal to the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). Gather information for permit applications. Coordinate with state and federal agencies for permit compliance. Coordinate annual regulatory reporting such as Emission Inventories for permit fees, Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know (Tier II), and Toxic Release Inventory. Assist with maintaining and performing environmental monitoring with testing equipment for plant compliance. Maintain state certification as a Visual Emission Evaluator, coordinate local environmental inspections by state and federal authorities.
ISO 14001 - Develop a working knowledge of the standard, its application and implementation for the plant and departments. Ability to perform internal audits, compliance checks, and participate in the internal and external audits of the facility.
TRAINING - Plan, coordinate, control, monitor, assist, conduct, and administrate formal and informal health-safety training programs, and meetings for employees and community citizens when necessary. Assist departmental supervisors with safety training. Orient new employees and contractors to the plant environment, safety policies and regulations, and worker interaction. Ensure training for compliance as required by state and federal regulations.
INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE - Evaluate and identify workplace hazards which may cause damage to worker health as a result from exposure. Provide recommendations on proper administrative actions, engineering controls, and PPE selection to ensure the proper protection of employees during exposure to hazardous environments. Monitor, test, and evaluate the hazardous atmospheres, environmental conditions, and work place conditions. Assist with the use and interpretation of study data, instrumentation, and monitoring results as it relates to the effects on the employee. Evaluate and maintain MSDS inventories, and ensure employee safety to products purchased from suppliers. Ensure proper labeling of products used in production, and being shipped as per regulations. Use, maintain, and calibrate all industrial hygiene equipment and PPE in an effective and operational condition.
FIRE PREVENTION AND CONTROL - Coordinate a program for the proper maintenance, and operations of the plant's fire fighting equipment. Maintain equipment function and record keeping. Coordinate loss control inspections for insurance.
RISK COMMUNICATIONS / PUBLIC RELATIONS - Assist with complaint investigations and negotiations with the public and area residents regarding any environmental allegations against the plant's operation. Address concerns and complaints directed toward the plant.
PURCHASING - Evaluate and purchase necessary safety, health, and environmental equipment and PPE for the use in safeguarding the work force and the property of the plant. Assist with the preparation of A.O.P. budget for the EHS Department and the adherence thereto.
PLANT SECURITY - Assist with the planning, implementation, monitoring, and control measures that are necessary programs and assets to prevent loss or damage to Company property or assets from any breach of unauthorized entry into the plant property.
OTHER - Address and achieve assigned objectives from the Plant Manager with any special projects or duties. These assignments will be in addition to the routine responsibilities outlined in the above listing, and may range from grounds-keeping to Engineering and Supervision responsibilities. Participate in plant's Weekend Duty roster program, and develop the necessary skills to substitute as a Department supervisor as needed.
Bachelor's degree in engineering, preferably chemical engineering or occupational health/environment.
Two (2) years, minimum, of relevant work experience in a manufacturing or industrial environment.
Effective interpersonal and communication skills including Public Speaking.
Knowledgeable of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.
Competency in technical areas of OSHA, EPA, State & Local regulations, State Worker's Compensation rules, and Medical terminology and practices must be developed quickly.

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