Chemical Lab Technician


Provide timely, efficient and proficient evaluations of carbon black.
Assures laboratory test equipment is properly maintained and within calibration.


Functional Responsibilities:
Perform specified analytical and physical tests on finished product and in-process carbon black at the predetermined intervals.
Prepare samples of in-process material and shipment material for evaluation.
Acquire a knowledge of the retain system, as it applies to shipments or finished product.
Acquire knowledge of sampling the various modes of product packaging and transport.
Acquire knowledge of Excel and Jwalk applications
Calibrate and maintain lab equipment, and record all calibrations into the electronic record system at the predetermined intervals.
Proficient knowledge of all test procedures.
Proficient knowledge of ISO procedures and work instructions.
Helps to maintain a positive work environment through proper housekeeping.
Acquires knowledge of and adheres to all safety practices and principles.


Must be able to work individually or as a team member.
Must be able to handle multiple tasks.
Must be able to communicate effectively.

Bachelor's degree in Chemistry or related science field preferred
Two years or more of service in laboratory environment a plus.
Bring a workable knowledge of basic computer functions and applications.

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